The Act of Writing – A Brief Take

This was my column in the Herald on Tuesday. Texts in square brackets were added for this version. The rest is intact. Of course, the ideas in this column can be expanded considerably. Perhaps at another time.   For a while now, I have been thinking about “the act of writing”. This, in my mind, is the process that unfolds without planning or a pre-conceived story line where you know what you want to say, and simply follow a set method. This [my own] conception of the act of writing is a process that takes over, so to speak, and […]

Starting Over

By Ismail Lagardien 3 March 2018. I have been wrestling with the idea of deleting my old blog posts of the past few years, and starting all over. Whenever I considered this there have always been two slight (big) problems, one philosophical (yes, I know…) and one historical. Let me pose them as questions. Have I changed my mind about what I wrote before the end of December 2017, when I “shut down” my website for “maintenance”? Is it necessary to keep an historical record of what I have written over the months and years? Whenever I think about these […]