Sculpting Space

The darling brewery (iPhone XR)

On and Around Kurfürstendamm, Berlin

Always a Picture

I travelled from Cape Town to Johannesburg at the end of June… This was a scene at a filling station in the Karoo. (iPhone SE)


An Autumn Leaf

Rust and Disuse





Night in Zonnebloem

It was a great pity that I had only an iPhone (SE)….

Early Autumn on the Whale Coast

29 March 2018. I drove along eastern shore of False Bay, and stopped for a few minutes.

Morning Mist

19 March 2018. I drove from Johannesburg to Cape Town, today. Sunrise to the left of me. The highway was fast and busy. I stopped to make this picture with an iPhone SE. I’m sure I would have made a better quality, and better framed picture than this one of three shots. There is, yet, no beating a DSLR for more considered photography.


Catch the morning mist before the sun rises…

Red Dusk


Red Dusk


Dusk on Red Earth

Sun sets red in the Karoo

Never Shoot Into the Sun… Unless There is Something Worthwhile


Waiting for Ship to Come In

It comes so soon, that moment when there is nothing left to wait for – Proust.


Malacca, Malaysia. September 2012.

Faceless Workers.

Clothes Cling in Sweat to their Bodies


Pictures made in Dubai, in August 2012

The Diver

3 March 2018. This is one of my favourite shots. I made this picture in Dubai in September 2012

The Diver

Gölgelerden çıkıyor

3 March 2018 – Photograph made in Istanbul in December 2012

Bicycle Repairs

3 March 2018 – Two photographs made in Rome in August 2015.

Bicycle workshop in Rome

Salt Gallery in Beyoglu, Istanbul October 2019