Moving into Broadcast Journalism

I have just completed my second brief spell as a talk radio host with Cape Talk. (@CapeTalk) Last night I slipped into the last hour of Lester Kiewit’s show (@lesterkk ).

During this second show I was a little more comfortable, though by no means completely on top of things. I’m still grappling with the formatics, but the production staff at Cape Talk are very sharp and supportive. I always feel like I am in good hands. I’m not sure where it will be heading next. Maybe someday I will get a show of my own. I have a face for radio šŸ™‚

For now, see links, below, for three clips of my second hour on talk radio.

  1. Tech Talk with Nazareen
  2. Sio for the True Music Series
  3. Jed Petersen : UNIT 5

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