PHOTOGRAPHY: On the phone


By Ismail Lagardien

It never ceases to amaze me what one can do with a cellular phone. I found these three frames in an ‘old’ file – old is relative in the digital photography age – and was reminded of how easy, how simple, and how terribly nostalgic I am for my D/SLR sometimes. The pictures, below, were made with a Samsung phone in 2013. I should search for better quality pics on one of my storage drives.


This was taken in a cinema before the film screening started. The quality is poor in this frame, but I suspect there is a better quality frame somewhere on one of my drives.

This was a random shot I made in one of the corridors of my office.

This was taken after the end of the film screening I referred to in the first picture. While the credits were rolling, I stood to stretch my legs and back, looked back, saw this and made the shot.