PHOTOGRAPHY: First Foray Into Digital Photography

By Ismail Lagardien

This picture always reminds me of how ignorant I was when I first used a digital camera in 2000. I had a bag full of film equipment, and entered this new era completely naive. I did not know much about high-res/low-res and large/small format. It was all very new. The picture was taken in the Great Hall on Ellis Island, New York City. It would have looked good mounted and framed on a wall – after some tweaking on a computer, of course. 😎

Great Hall at Ellis Island, New York City

Craig Calhoun on Pierre Bourdieu and Picturing Algeria

Two of my favourite things: Photography and Pierre Bourdieu… Picturing Algeria A book by Pierre Bourdieu   From the website of Columbia University Press “As a soldier in the French army, Pierre Bourdieu took thousands of photographs documenting the abject conditions and suffering (as well as the resourcefulness, determination, grace, …

Ethical lapses cannot be allowed to become normalised

By Ismail Lagardien There can be no justice in revenge, malice or in the willful manipulation of legal systems. Ethical lapses cannot be allowed to become normalised, especially not in the education system, on the basis that bodies of knowledge are the preserve of one group and that access to …

PHOTOGRAPHY: Pigalle on the Paris Metro


I never took many pictures of Paris on my various visits. I took this about 16 years ago. I found the expressions in the faces of the two women quite startling in their contrast. The advertisement poster is colourful and the model’s mouth is stuffed with food, while the commuter sits on the bench looking rather glum and forlorn.