The Pig Butcher Around Midnight

Malacca, Malaysia. September 2012. I woke up at around midnight. It was a long flight. I couldn’t sleep any longer. The sheet was stuck between my legs. I got dressed. I went for a walk through the backstreets. I peered into a room. And watched a butcher chop up pigs. I shot a few frames and walked away. I was awake for another two days after that.

The Pig Butcher from i lagardien on Vimeo.

If I can find the pictures on one of my old storage drives I may make a more creative presentation with sound.

Lines and Angles

Black and white photography is very often simply about shadows and light and how they create or accentuate shapes. In this sense, it can be said, of course, that colour photography is, essentially, about colours…. This takes nothing away from social documentary work, which is in a special class.

Sometimes shapes, in the case of this photograph, below (made with iPhone) lines and angles, reveal themselves. Other times you have to actually make them appear in a frame that is isolated (very briefly, and rarely objectively) from the sights and sounds of the world, and present them somewhat intact.

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