Video Clips

These are some experiments with video. Editing (post-production) is the most difficult. I can’t get my head around iMovie. Although I use a MacBookAir, I prefer Windows – everything is so much more intuitive. Windows’ “Movie Maker” software was easy. It was easy to find free audio clips online and use them with video… With Apple, everything has to be approved by, well, Apple. When you by an apple product you give them permission to hold a monopoly over what you do. Nothing about Apple compares to the ease and overall user-friendliness of Windows. I’m still not sure why I have a Mac…

Some of these clips were shot with an iPhone and edited with iMovie. It is quite clear that I have very limited skills with the editing.


Against the Wind from i lagardien on Vimeo.


Svolta from i lagardien on Vimeo.

The next set of photographs were made after midnight in a backstreet of Chinatown, Melaka in Malaysia. I spent the evening with Ali, and I could not go straight to sleep. I took a walk around the backstreets and alleys of Chinatown and poked my head into this slaughterhouse. I motioned with my camera, a DSLR, not a phone, that I wanted to make pictures. He said nothing, nodded, and went about his way cutting and chopping. I shot several frames and waved goodbye. He ignored me.

The Pig Butcher from i lagardien on Vimeo.

I went for a walk… This was shot with iPhone.

Buskers Under a Bridge in Bonn from i lagardien on Vimeo.

These photographs were made with an Olympus OM1 in 1985. It was my first professional camera. I digitised the negs 25 years later, and compiled this.

Shooting from the Hip from i lagardien on Vimeo.