A little adventure with a Nikon film camera

A little more than a decade after selling my last Nikon film camera (Nikon F5 – probably the best camera I have ever owned), I am about to “experiment” with film, once again.

Going through some old boxes, I found an old Nikonos V I bought several years ago, but never used. I took it on a diving trip to the Caribbean, but realised, when we got there, that I did not pack the rubber seals and grease. The Nikonos went back into one of the chamois leather sleeves (which I hand-stitched myself) I used to have for keeping my bodies safe and dust free.

It’s going to be rough. I have to become comfortable with the manual functions of the Nikonos V. The horror is that I have only 36 shots. This is either a blessing or a curse. I do remember that when I used Kodachrome all those years ago, I was especially careful. It was different with black and white film. I used to buy Ilford HP5 in bulk. Kodachrome was just too expensive to waste. This is probably one of the major differences between digital and film cameras. I would be pleased to get two or three good frames.

The price of film and processing is startling. The single role of film, eventual processes and scanning could amount to about R450. Then again, everything at Orms in Cape Town is expensive. It’s one of the  dangers that come with a lack of competition. I will probably have to wait a few months to have the film processed and scanned. The best thing about the Orms is the professional and super friendly staff at the print room front desk. The men behind the counters generally behave with an arrogance and dismissive air, and act as if they are doing you a favour just by their presence.

A while back I priced a device at Orms, but because of the salesperson’s attitude (he was terribly dismissive and took a personal call while I was talking to him) I ordered it from Takealot instead. It was cheaper, and the process was user-friendly. Delivery time was less than two weeks. Since that order, the price at Orms has increased by at least R1000.

Anyway, onward with my experiment in film.

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