Funnies: They are everywhere, begging.

Watching the sun set on the Aberystwyth seafront

By Ismail Lagardien

15 February 2018. They are everywhere. Always there. On the beach. On the promenade. In the parking lot.They are there when you arrive. They stand around. Waiting. Hustling. One step forward. Two steps back. They circle around. They make sure not get too close. Well, not always. They’re quite gutsy. Persistent. Annoying.

You sit on a bench. They are there, always. Waiting. One step forward. Two steps back. Another one arrives. They joist gently, but with purpose. The dominant ones often get their way: “I was here first. He is mine.”

They are interested in your food. They will take any morsel. You were warned not to give them any food.

“It just encourages them,” a woman said.

You sit. Eat fish and chips. You try to ignore them. You know it’s not fair. You turn your back to them. One slips into view, again. One step forward. Two steps back. Standing still. Looking woeful. You wave them away.

“It’s no use,” the woman said, “they are here everyday”.

They are supplicants, scavengers. They’re everywhere the same; from the beach to the Red Light District. They are everywhere, these pesky gulls.

Lookout in the Red Light District

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