TripAdvisor Make Money Because of Free User Reviews


An old pic of me playing hockey on the Fox River in Wisconsin.

By Ismail Lagardien

I have posted the occasional review on Tripadvisor, but never with any serious intent. It seems to me that Tripadvisor should, at least, start paying people to write reviews. To be sure, they’re making money through their site, and travelers don’t seem to gain anything, other than the belief that they are getting a place to air their thoughts.

Having spent most of my adult life as a writer of sorts, and most recently writing for newspapers or online sources for free, I am seriously reconsidering these little contributions to the Tripadvisor website. So, from now on I should put them all on this blog space. If I can write for other websites for free, I might as well do it on my own site…. It should encourage me to write more for this site.

As it goes, I travel to Iceland, Holland and Belgium next week. Instead of placing comments, reviews on Tripadvisor, I will share it on my own blog. Xa!


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