Craig Calhoun on Pierre Bourdieu and Picturing Algeria

Two of my favourite things: Photography and Pierre Bourdieu…

Picturing Algeria A book by Pierre Bourdieu


From the website of Columbia University Press

“As a soldier in the French army, Pierre Bourdieu took thousands of photographs documenting the abject conditions and suffering (as well as the resourcefulness, determination, grace, and dignity) of the Algerian people as they fought in the Algerian War (1954–1962). Sympathizing with those he was told to regard as “enemies,” Bourdieu became deeply and permanently invested in their struggle to overthrow French rule and the debilitations of poverty.”

Foreword written by Craig Calhoun (@craigjcalhounand reposted here from the Columbia University Press Blog.

“Mothers don’t get enough credit in histories of social science, and Bourdieu’s made a second crucial contribution to his career, even more basic to this book. She bought him a Leica camera. This came a little later, though, as Bourdieu’s engagement with Algeria grew deeper and became a crucial, formative influence on his career and life.” (Read Full Article)

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